Something’s Rotten In the Closet

I would like to believe that those we elect to high office are truly our best and brightest, and worthy of the honor. But more and more, it seems, a prerequisite for elevation to high office is to have some sordid scandal in your past that some faceless handler can use to exert leverage upon you.

I was directed to this article by Ron Unz who looks at many prominent political figures of recent times and the sordid revelations of their past. I agree that there are too many for it to be mere coincidence.

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Perhaps I’ve led an overly sheltered life, but my impression is that only a tiny sliver of Americans have had a long record of child molestation, and all things being equal, it seems rather unlikely that someone of such a background but who possesses no other great talents or skills would rise to near the absolute top of our political heap. So perhaps not all things were otherwise equal. If some powerful elements held the hard evidence that placed a particular elected official under their total control, making great efforts to elevate him to Speaker of the House would be a very shrewd investment.

American Pravda: John McCain, Jeffrey Epstein, and Pizzagate

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