Some questions about Norse Goddesses

Norse Goddesses photo
Photo by garlandcannon

I have a few questions about the ladies of the Norse pantheon. Rather than spam the board with topics I figured I’d consolidate them into one handy post.

1. Would Skadi or Eir be able to help in matters of the heart? I know Freyja’s the go-to for love-related stuff. But I get some great vibes off the other two. Skadi’s got a strong ‘I don’t need no man’ thing going. As for Eir, I know she’s related to medical matters. So I wonder if her role as a healer could extend to emotional pain as well.

2. How are Norse Goddesses with sharing an altar? I have little space but want to erect an altar for the female deities I feel drawn towards. I think it should be ok. I don’t remember there being much friction in the stories. But I’d love to know people’s experiences/opinions.

3. Any tips for altar set-ups. Associated colours, flowers, animals and the like.