Signs from dieties, how to recognize and where to look

Hello all,

I’m fairly new to pagan practice and I’m feel myself being pulled in the direction of Wicca. My main question for the group is how to tell when dieties are sending you signs and in what facet  do they reach out to you?

In the past few weeks I have seen an increased amount of deer in my area (central Pennsylvania). It’s the middle of hunting seasons around me so I know that they are on the move but my sightings don’t feel like a normal movement.

The other night I was driving home from work in a bad snow storm and I started to verbally pray to the good and goddess to guide my hands, head and heart for safe travel and in that moment I saw three doe cross in front of me. Then again about 3 weeks back I was driving into work and within I would say a mile to two miles I saw to buck cross with one stopping and looking at me.

I know this has the potential to be a sign but sometimes I’m to blinded to see any specific pattern or determine if what I’m seeing is a pattern.

Can any of you help me understand all of this?

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