Shared/Confirmed Gnosis Resources?

Gnosis (magazine)
Gnosis (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are there any resources with specific examples of shared/confirmed gnosis? Just browsing this forum I’ve picked up a few patterns, which I’ve found to be incredibly helpful. While I think an actual list of gnosis experienced might ruin things by planting ideas (and thus risking “false experiences”) and taking some of the hard work out of it, it might also help bolster faith and prevent people from “reinventing the wheel.” Comparing notes could be a great way of turning UPG into SPG or even CG (or, contrarily, reveal a UPG as a misguided hunch). Also, perhaps the Deities reveal contradictory things; could this not also be enlightening?

I know there is some pantheon-specific SPG, but it’s usually sprinkled around instead of gathered together. Are there any resources that do, even if they are only specific to one pantheon?

For example, here is some UPG-turned-SPG I’ve encountered from different “paths”:

– The Morrigan seems to disappear for long stretches of time, and has a sort of vibe that is like “No…I’ll call you.”

– Ishtar and/or Inanna generally seem to come off to people as…scary. Not necessarily bad, but potentially dangerous. While most (if not all) Deities can be intimidating, there’s a specific wild vibe to Her.

– Ganesh doesn’t seem to have a bad thing to say about anyone. I’ve never heard of anyone getting a negative response from Him unless it was in the form of an important lesson.

– People seem to also find Kemetic Deities to be especially forgiving and patient. There are always exceptions, of course, but in general the reception seems to default towards warm, or at least kindly uninterested.

– On separate occasions, people have noted that Freya requested chocolate, and Anpu has asked for…Tootsie Rolls? The oddest thing is that these are usually requested without their wrappers.

– When I was active in the Celtic Recon community, I noted that I was getting very hostile feedback from Dian Cécht, and this was very quickly echoed by nearly everyone else.

If there isn’t a resource like this, how hard might it be to put notes together and make one?