Serenade of a Wild Charmer

A whistle-like voice does ascend
yipping at twilight or
while the very dawn approaches
Pausing to attend…

“Protect the Child
Both within and without
I will teach you
how best to hide
if you have any doubts

I run, four legs flying
Between the rim
of this World and the Others
Perhaps this is why I am so hunted
or perhaps…
I am simply
a bit more Fae
than my Brothers

The Fair Folk and I
have often traded favors
the Shifting of shape
Oft-times I am little more
than a clever silent Shadow
stealing across your Dreamscape

Take a seat upon my tail
We will run
Over stock, over stone
I will teach you how
Fortune and Opportunity
are most cleverly claimed
with Honesty
Charming confidence
Harvesting Tao

Herald of Inari
Blessed Brighid
Here to remind you
Life is hard
Play harder
Laugh more
Love more
Live now

Shamanic Guide
I teach the
Magic, Laws, Mysteries
of Nature
Being sure of foot
is as important as being fleet
Get creative
Sly boots leave no tracks
My thimblerigging
Trickster ways
are naturally successful
like a stellar parallax.”

For those new to the game… each poem in this series is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animall, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing today? This is one of those pieces where I feel uncertain about the title. All feedback welcome!

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