Self Protection

I do not have much experience with magick (I prefer that spelling for myself). I grew up Roman Catholic, so I have experience in Prayer and Contemplation. I also spent years practicing Martial Arts and Zazen Meditation, so Meditation.

Anyway, I am looking for advice on starting with folk magick methods for self protection. I come from a line of military on my Father’s side, but I never served myself. My point is that I have a somewhat militant nature. I bring that up because I have had aggressive interactions with various negative forces/spirits/entities, whatever you might call them. Rather than try and get rid of my naturally combative nature, I want to channel that fighting spirit into constructive paths.

I am trying to dedicate myself to a militant spirit of nonviolence. Sort of a soldier for peace. So, I am very interested in starting with some basic aspects of magickal self protection so that I can evade and escape some of the negative forces that I have mentioned. I had a particularly bad spiritual experience last September that also served as a kind of awakening.

Well, if anyone has any suggestions on self protection magick, I would appreciate any suggestions. I am a bit put off my fancy ceremonial magick, and am more interested in practical, natural FolkMagick. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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