Seeing Signs: Are We Narcissists?

First of all, read this entire movie review (of–wait for it!–Christian Mingle: The Movie), just because it’s so damn funny.

Second, this part of the review struck me:

God, represented by a celestial ray of sunshine (of course), beams through Gwyneth’s window to wake her. “Leave me alone!” she shouts at the Heavens, drawing the curtains. Which “God” blows open again with a sound effect-aided gust of wind. “Ugh, you are so obvious!” Gwyneth says.

I guess it’s supposed to represent Gwyneth wrestling with her faith, but all I could think of was what a nightmare person someone who thought everything in life, down to the smallest ray of sunshine or gust of breeze was God trying to speak directly to them. That news report about a genocide in Uganda was probably just God’s way of telling me not to eat the rest of this quesadilla!

Many of us here, myself included (in my half-assed attempts at augury), see signs in otherwise ordinary occurrences. Is this inherently narcissistic? Is the possible narcissism involved determined by how often we see these things as personal messages to us, or how deeply we are certain that it’s a message?

Is there a way to perceive signs that *isn’t* narcissistic?