“See You in Valhalla” Posts Mosque Shooter

Unsurprisingly, at least one of Christchurch shooters had dreams of going to Valhalla. At this point, I would bet they’ve either discovered Hel, or they’ve discovered nothingness. It looks like more white supremacists with a fascination for what they call “European culture.”

It presents an interesting and terrifying case of extremist views bred online. One of these men considered himself an eco-fascist, which is typically associated with the far left. Yet there was a streak of conservativism in their yearning for a pre-industrial, pre-globalist past. It hurts to see some of my most cherished beliefs twisted in this way. Environmentalism. Anti-Imperialism. European Paganism. A revitalization of Western Culture. So much of it sounds good, but it’s all tarnished by the fascism and white supremacy. It makes me wonder, can we control neopaganism? Or is it a platform just waiting to be hijacked? It seems like a lightning rod for the far left and far right, and even some individuals who appear influenced by both.

I’ve always tried to take a middle path with respect to modern globalism, adopting the motto “progress with continuity.” Yet maybe that approach is too nuanced for many. Is there something inherently dangerous about European paganism?


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