Scott Cunningham

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While I wouldn’t put him on the same level as fluffy authors like Gerina Dunwich, Patricia Telesco, and DJ Conway, he did write in a way that whitewashed Wicca and made it politically correct, rejecting the word “witch” and advancing Wicca as a religion of love and light. That said, he also captured the beauty of it, as well as integrating its shamanistic and magical characteristics into the more devotional religious aspects that not many authors and teachers are able to do.

The problem is that Wicca in his books, and those of similar authors influenced him such as Silver Ravenwolf, just seems rather generic. He also really emphasized the “harm none” rede, which is problematic for some people, and I have heard from BTW traditionalists that it was not originally part of Wicca, and is still not a significant aspect of traditional Wicca, as it is a pretty vague and unrealistic guideline.

What are your thoughts on Cunningham’s books?