Scientific Pantheism

So I am a Scientific Pantheist, by which I mean that I hold the Cosmos and that which it contains as Sacred and Divine. Within the context of Scientific Pantheism, I am an Eclectic Celtic Pagan.

As a scientifically minded person, I question the existence of Gods, magic, and the supersupernatural, yst I have had real experiences wI th these sort of phenomena that are not easy to dismiss.

So, if the supernatural exists, what is it and how does it operate? My insight (UPG) about this is that certain phenomena surpass our current level of intelligence and the limits of our current science to understand.

As such, we experience these things (gods, magic, the supernatural) in a way that is currently difficult to reconcile with reason and current knowledge. Thus, magic and the supernatural are a natural part of reality that we simply can not fully reconcile with reason.

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