Schizophrenia, or shamanism?

I decided to post this here instead of one of the news forums because I thought the “shelf life” would be more appropriate in a forum devoted to chronic illness and because the subject is something that the doctors have tagged me with, as well. But I have no objection if it is moved into another area. An interesting take from another perspective:

A Mental Disease by Any Other Name:
For Frank Russell, reinterpreting his schizophrenia as shamanism helped his symptoms.

Fair Use quote:


Dick and his son tried a variety of treatments over 15 years, some more effective than others. Then, unexpectedly, the pair turned in a very different direction, beginning a journey that Dick now likens to a “torch-lit passageway through a long dark tunnel.” By sharing his story, he hopes to help others find this passageway—but he’s aware some of it sounds crazy. For instance: He now believes Frank might be a shaman.

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