“Samhuinn” God

I came across this in a Celtic myth collection, The Mammoth Book of Myths and Legends by Peter Berresford Ellis:

“Now the feast of the god Samhuinn drew near. This was the great feast which marked the beginning of the New Year, the period of blackness.” (p.300)

It’s (I think) an oral story written down in a Scottish Celtic context, and it’s the first time I’ve come across Samhain referred to as a deity. I tried a Google search without much coming up, but did come across an article (“The myth about the “Celtic god of the dead.”” on the site Religious Tolerance) which mentioned that the idea of Samhain as a god is a myth brought about by poor scholarship in the 18th c. and continued by conservative Protestants. If there was any figure relating to the name, it would’ve been a minor hero by the name of Sawan and not a deity.

I was curious about if anyone else has come across this sort of thing/if it’s cropped up anywhere else? I wasn’t sure if I should dismiss the appearance of the god title in the myth collection as just buying into the poor scholarship, but the other article would suggest so. (I did read around and it comes up in another article, mostly in a dismissive tone).

What are peoples thoughts and experiences with this? It’s completely new to me and I was surprised to hear it was something used in quite a negative context to spread misinformation.

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