Sacred Circumvolution

Our ancient family appeared
during the first great explosion of diversity,
as the Oceans drew their first breath.
Yet the salt within every tear
most often brings us only death.
Hard without, tender within
we crawl across the moonlit lands
quietly singing Wisdom.

Is it time to withdraw,
or come out of our shells?
Spiraling from double helix to galaxies,
Inward or Outward
like the shell of your ear;
although I may not hear you;
I see you
And can easily scent
that which feeds me best.
Grasping firmly with my tongue
before I feast
upon my chosen vegetation.

Be Aware
Be Patient
Be Humble

Persistence without haste
may be perceived by some as sloth.
bravery does not require a spine.
Time is relative
Life moves at its own pace
Slooow Dooown
and the World will spread out
its possibilities for your perusal.

Perfectly poised
twixt trust and self-preservation
Creating Sacred Space
for the Spirits that protect us.
We teach that there is a time for all things.
Allow them to unfold
Explore their textures
Go with the flow
Dance until the rains begin
Best foot forward,
sliding along my glistening trail
will reduce friction
helping to ease the way
allowing you to defy gravity
while protecting you from life’s rougher edges.

Stronger than appearance suggests
Self-Reliant and steadily progressing.
We can help you balance duality,
becoming either Mother or Father at will.
We need both to leave each other fecund,
carrying the future forward.

We show you
how to pay attention to the small details,
the importance of staying properly hydrated,
or how to safely seal your threshold
in times of trouble, as needed.
Will you read our history or future
from the patterns found upon our carapace?
Expand your consciousness, my dears,
but stay grounded
Because no matter where you go
there you are
taking your home with you,
building as you grow.

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for those that listen. Can you guess who is singing today?

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