Runic Invention Concept

Picture of Runes used in Fortune Telling
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was doing some research on runes earlier, and I wondered about the nature of their existence. In essence, runes are simply unique icons associated with particular human qualities. Ultimately, their magic (I use the term loosely, as magic isn’t my forte) is derived from their connotative use in rituals and spiritual texts. If this is true, couldn’t every individual just invent a system of runes they like? Furthark is a very complete runic system, but just isn’t flexible or familiar enough for some seers. Perhaps simply concocting some symbols and identifying them with whatever traits one likes (then imbuing them with divine or magical properties) would be more suitable than using a traditional system. Naturally, if everyone could just use their own ideas the organized structure of runes would inevitably collapse. But would this be a bad thing? Ideas, thoughts, concerns?