Roman Religion in Celtic Lands

I was wondering if there are any good sources about how Roman and Celtic religions interacted historically. Specifically, I’m curious about a few things:

1) What elements of Celtic religion entered the empire? I know they adopted Epona as a goddess, but did any other Celtic elements spread throughout the empire as a whole?

2) How did Romans in Celtic lands practice their religion? I know that they would often conflate certain Celtic gods with Roman ones, but I’m just wondering what the average practice of a Roman in Gaul or Britain would look like.

3) How did the native Celts react to the infusion of new ideas? Would a Roman and a Celt in Gaul practice the same basic religion, or were the Celts mostly still practicing their native religions unchanged?

4) I know that Rome never conquered Ireland, but did they have any contact? I’ve never heard anything about the matter and I’m curious.

I’m personally interested in these questions because I was practicing Irish Reconstructionism for a while, but I found that I really didn’t fit into the community or the philosophy. I’m finding myself more drawn toward an eclectic or syncretic philosophy, but I still want to do it in some kind of structured way. I’m currently enamored with the way the the Greeks and Romans were able to encounter other cultures and synthesize fascinating new ideas and practices.

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