Rituals for breaking free from a former religion

I am interested in hearing about any ritual you have performed or know of for breaking free from a former religion.  This could also be a ritual for breaking ties generally, but I am most interested in a rite for letting go of a former religion.

I need to devise such a ritual.  I am good at creating ritual, so I am confident in my ability to do this, but knowing what others have done could help.

I am entering therapy to deal with the aftermath of my terrible experience with Roman Catholicism and associated OCD.  No offence to any Catholics or the church — I just didn’t have a positive experience.  I will probably work through the therapy before doing the ritual.

I am not interested in performing acts of blasphemy black masses myself since I still work with Christian symbols and characters, though I don’t mind reading about those things in the thread if those are the rites you’re familiar with or have used.

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