Review: Basic Witches

I picked up this book along with Wicca by Harmony Nice.

It’s not good.

First off, it’s super lazy. One of the “spells” required the following:
– Netflix
– a blanket
– popcorn

Another “spell” to feel comfortable at appointments pretty much said:
‘Take a stuffed animal & hug it a lot’

It’s also super materialistic, too much emphasis is placed on owning stuff. Which is just ridiculous & paints witchcraft as something accessible only to people who can afford lots of stuff.

I think the worst thing about it though is that it pushes the false narrative of the “burning times”.

I honestly think that the point of this book is to capitalise on the popularity of the witchy aesthetic. The authors have absolutely no background in the subject at all & it really shows.

If you want a Buzzfeed-level take on witchcraft this is for you. But if you want something well researched, with substance to it then steer clear.

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