Resources for helping to deal with stress

Anyone have any effective resources for dealing with stress (and other, related undesirable emotions)?

I’m aware of lots and lots of relaxation methods, breathing techniques, the AA serenity prayer.

I’ve got lots and lots of guided meditations, MP3s, podcasts, the Little Book of Calm, etc.

I know exercise is really great at combating stress, if one is physically able enough to do any (which I sadly am not).

I contemplated shutting myself in a private office at work today and screaming into a pillow.

I had a good chat with a friend, including commiserations and a laugh even, on the journey home from work this evening but then it was all spoiled when I thought my internet banking credentials were comprised and had to spend an hour on hold to my bank, getting more and more distressed all the while.

I’d love to find something that is effective for those times when I am too overwhelmed to even contemplate sitting down to meditate/breathe/whatever.  It’s like I’m too keyed-up to even keep my limbs still enough to try any of that stuff.

I might try my trick of writing some keywords related to my current stressors on a sheet of toilet tissue and then shredding & flushing it.

I think I’m asking for a magic wand, please Mr Ollivander!

But seriously if anyone knows any resources I might not have heard of as yet I’d be interested to learn, and I’m even prepared to invest in a paid product or app at this point (provided it’s not too excessively expensive that is).

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