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Hello, this is my first post here. I was introduced to the world of magic and energies through my last girlfriend who was incredibly sensitive to the energies around her. A bit of background, I am most aligned with the Earth Element, I was born on the Year of the Dragon, and I am an Aquarius. Back to the point of this post, I myself am not sensitive at all to the energies around me. Although I apparently have a good ability at healing others through touch. I just recently got into a new relationship (about 2 months ago), it’s been mostly online, I’ve met her once in real life and that pretty much solidified our relationship, but it made it harder to be away from each other. While I was at work the other day, I had a feeling in my hands, as though everything I was touching felt really cold, it only lasted for a few seconds. I know myself that I require physical and personal intimacy. Was what I was feeling in my hands at all related to my current girlfriend? When I’m with her I feel happy, secure, and loved. When I’m away from her for long periods of time 2 weeks or more, I start to get weird feelings like what happened to me at work. She did however give me a item of hers to hold when she’s not there, it does help a little bit, but only when I hold it.

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