Hi everyone,

I’ve been a member here for a while, but I haven’t returned till now. So I thought I would reintroduce myself. I’m Anubisa or I am also called Sat-Anubis (daughter of Anubis). You can probably tell by my name that my principal god is Anubis. He is my patron deity. My matron deity is Bast. Odd pair. Lol! A crazy fact, I have three Egyptian tattoos on my upper arms. One of Lord Anubis on my right arm and two of the Ankh and Eye of Horus on my left arm. They are all in dark blue and gold themes, except for Lord Anubis which has a variety of colors. My tattoo artist rocks! Anyway, I’m an Egyptian Wiccan. I transitioned in my late 20’s after Lord Anubis helped me overcome my fear of the dark. Before then I dabbled in Celtic and Norse Wicca, but neither seemed really right. Now that I am an Egyptian Wiccan, I feel like I have found the right sect and everything is just right in my mind. Personally, I live in West Virginia. I have two Yorkshire Terriers. I also live with my parents. Well that’s a bit about me. Have a good day everyone!

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