Recommendations for what to watch next

A sort of spin-off thread from the What are you watching right now? thread:

What do you recommend to watch next?

I’ll give a bit of flavour of the sort of things I enjoy in case anyone wishes to give me some tailored recommendations:

Fantasy shows – for example, we were enjoying The Chronicles of Shannara and were disappointed when it was cancelled.  We’re really looking forward to being able to see The Witcher and The Dark Crystal (though we’ll have to get Netflix for both of these).

Detective shows – I’m kind of picky, though, as I’m not keen on your basic NCIS’s and your CSI’s.  I prefer something with another ‘strand’ to it such as, say, Bones (with the additional forensic pathologist aspect) and The Mentalist (with the former-scam-psychic aspect to it).

Stand-up comedy shows – I mostly like the ones with a variety of different comedians on, like Live at the Apollo and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow on which there are a number of guests each time.

Misc – not sure how to categorise shows like Mythbusters and Master of Arms which I sometimes quite enjoy re-runs of.  I also really enjoy watching shows about the making of films.

Or, you can just post about the thing that you’re really enjoying right now as a general recommendation to the thread at large.

For instance, we recently started re-watching sci-fi series Farscape, and so far (we’re still on season 1) it holds up pretty well to the passage of time so I recommend this to fellow sci-fi fans of all ages.  We’re watching it on Amazon.

Also for sci-fi fans (specifically, for Star Trek fans), my husband is excited for the new animated Star Trek series Lower Decks.

Finally (for the moment) I recommend Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector for detective show fans, as I’m quite liking how it’s been put together.  I’m watching this on one of the Sky channels on TiVo (Sky Witness I think).

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