Random animal deaths & treatment of the remains

Putting this here because I wasn’t sure where else to put it.

It’s not that long since I passed by the little body of a deceased wagtail at the train station.  Then on the way to work this morning I passed by the body of a deceased tit (sorry Altair).  With the wagtail I advised a member of station staff, and passed the responsibility on to them (hoping that they’d be respectful whilst they dealt with the situation, though realistically knowing they’d probably place the bird in the refuse) – I said I was concerned it might upset any children who happened to see it.   This morning with the tit I’d no time to do anything, even if I’d known what I could do, because I was on my way for a train.

It got me wondering, what do others do when they come across random animal remains (not roadkill)?

It’d be different if it were clearly a domestic pet.  Firstly, I’d probably cry.  Secondly I’d want to find the owner so they’d have the closure of at least knowing what had happened to their furbaby.

But I don’t know what I can do about random wild animal remains (again, not so much roadkill).  I live in an apartment block with only a communal front lawn.  Some years back I buried a deceased dwarf hamster out there in a little handmade ‘casket’, but I don’t even own gardening tools so I can’t go burying every dead bird out there even if I had the time or energy.  Also it’s communal so the neighbours might have something to say about it if I did.

Interested to hear others’ thoughts about this one (sorry for the somewhat morose topic).

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