Questions about Demons

A woodcut from 1598 shows an exorcism performe...
A woodcut from 1598 shows an exorcism performed on a woman by a priest and his assistant, with a demon emerging from her mouth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watched the movie The Conjuring. It was, of course, about demon possession. It is supposedly based on a true story although I have not verified this yet.

So as with all demon possessions that are televised, they call for it to be approved by the Vatican and whatnot. So like all exorcisms the priest reads from the Bible, saying in the name of God, throwing holy water and waving a cross. Demon possessed person talks in demon voice and says and does awful and weird things but then they scream as the priest keeps talking then disappear.

So if demons are a “Christian thing” is that why the priest and Bible words exorcise it? Would praying to a pagan Deity work too? If not, why? Why would only an Abrahamic religion work to exorcise the demon? (I said that in my Ace Ventura voice) also I heard that demons are (can’t remember the word now. I’m sorry I’m sick and fuzzy headed) but it means they never walked the earth in any form as a human. They’re not of this “earth” I guess?

I ask because I’m terrified of demon possession since it apparently happens to believers and non believers alike. I’m not a Christian so would I be “unsavable” because of this? I mean would a demon say “eh the Morrighan will kick my ass if I touch that one” or “Set would rip my head off” etc you get the point. I have a need to know this so I know whether or not my paranoia is founded. If all of this is untrue then where do the counts of possession come from? They do. Strange inhuman things and speak dead languages. So how would this happen if it’s not real?