Quebec Bill 21 (Secularism law)

If you haven’t heard, a law has been proposed in Quebec to ban civil servants ‘in positions of authority’ from wearing religious symbols while on the job. It’s been controversial, to say the least. (link) (link) (audio link)

Personally, I’m with the person in one of the linked articles who called this ‘a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.’ I’m not sure what such a law is supposed to accomplish, other than pander to xenophobes.

The phrase ‘separation of state from religion’ was tossed around a bit, but I don’t think anyone with sense would view, for example, a police officer wearing a turban as the overall government mandating Sikhism. Also I can’t help the feeling that there’s a bit of ‘Christianity as default’ behind this, since it’s one religion that doesn’t (in most denominations) mandate any particular mode of dress.


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