Psychic Ability Tarot Spreads and Card Interpretation


I tried a tarot spread for psychic ability today.  I drew three cards to stand for three questions:

1. Do I have any psychic abilities?
2. What abilities might I have?
3.  How should I use my abilities?

I pulled:
1. The Star
2. The Devil
3. The Hierophant reversed

We were chatting about this in the discord chat and the idea of feedback from the larger community turned this into a thread (hopefully).

I’ve found one other spread: The Psychic Eye

Set up like this:
The Psychic Eye:


2 *********456**********3


1. What does having a psychic gift mean to me?
2. Which psychic ability do I currently possess?
3. What ability would I most like to develop?
4.5.6. The Psychic Eye – What do I need to do to develop this ability or How do I work on making this ability stronger?
7. What I need to beware of when using this ability.

Would love feedback on any spreads used for this, any insight into specific cards with psychic significance/indicator cards, just tell us what you think about any of it!

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