Problems with Ritual and Eclectic Practice

wiccan ritual photo
Photo by Kam’s World
I’ve only just yesterday begun to admit that my practice is probably going to have to veer off into eclecticism if I want something that feels whole and fulfilling. It’s not something I’m comfortable with yet. I tried recon several years back and, as a solitary, it just didn’t work. I was learning about Asatru and found that it wasn’t right for me. I ended up in OBOD.

But, even though I love OBOD to bits, I have a few issues there, too. I don’t follow a Celtic path. My Gods are Norse. It’s very hard to make a spiritual practice fusing two things that don’t go together, so I’ve kept them–Norse Pagan and OBOD–separate.

So here’s the issue: I think I have to learn about Celtic Recon, just as I’ve learned about Norse Recon and I have to find somewhere in the middle to meet with ritual. I know I won’t combine, say a Norse Blot with Celtic gods, but what I’m looking for is a way of structuring a personal ritual practice to use as a framework for offerings and prayer and the like. Something that is original but can be used in ceremonies and celebrations. I already don’t bother with such things as Blot or Sumbel, because they feel ridiculous without other people. I don’t perform OBOD rituals because they feel empty without deities and have a Wiccan-derived feeling that doesn’t really work for me.

I can’t say for certain that I’ll end up following an eclectic path, but if I do, I need for there to be research done that satisfies my need to be non-offensive and reasonably accurate. I think perhaps if I can come up with a relatively generic ritual form, I can still keep both practices separate, but joined, through the commonality of ritual that is Celtic flavoured for one thing and Norse for another. That just made me cringe. I don’t know how comfortable I’ll be with that idea. But I should at least investigate the possibilities.

Can anyone recommend any good CR links or books for research? (I prefer to be at least recon-derived and non-offensive to deities and cultural ideals)

Can anyone offer me any ideas and/or advice on restructuring ritual to fit a generic eclectic practice? Or maybe something unique and beautiful?