Prayers for Cordelia the cat

Thirteen years ago after the family cat Christopher passed away, my parents and I adopted two kittens: Portia and Cordelia. They grew up with me for eight years before I moved away, taking Portia with me and leaving Cordelia to keep my mother company–something which became even more important after my father passed away less than a year later.

Cordelia is a very sweet, friendly, affectionate cat who loves cuddling and licking people’s hands and faces. For a while she’s been lethargic and reluctant to eat, and my mother recently had a full physical done of her to try to find out why. It turns out from the x-rays that she has a mass in her abdomen; they don’t know yet whether it’s something benign that can be removed or not. Next is the ultrasound, then perhaps a biopsy.

If you can, please send thoughts and prayers for her safe recovery.

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