Possible Vision? Woman in a red scarf. New and confused!

I have a separate post about the fact that I am literally brand new to all of this–as in 30 minutes ago something in me got so curious about all these things I’ve noticed that Google searches on the psychology of it brought me to this forum…but something in me also said to keep searching here. I’ve been drawn to paganism and grew up with my mother always talking about how she knew Santeria (doing little things here and there). For those possibly wondering, my ancestry comes from indigenous Aztec/ Mexican as well as I am a large portion of Irish.

Now the signs that bring me to this forum are as follows:

An extremely strong inclination towards children after years of always being uncomfortable around them (I wrote this off as maybe those cavewoman instincts finally got to me), dreams of being pregnant (Google said this could be related to stress), always seeing pennies (I connected this to the “pennies from heaven” thing-I lost my dad when I was 7), my adoration of the moon and sunflowers/roses but now more than ever flowers have become such a “thing” for me (figured it was just aesthetic?), an almost external demand from something that drew me to begin a garden and collect my own herbs and such (tried to write it off as being bored),

however, the two biggest things that got me and I cannot explain are my sudden decision to intern for a midwife (I have always been a science/ math type-I’m a mechanical engineer major- this is very out of character for me, even more, confusing is children and babies are drawn to me too…always running up to me and looking at me and smiling. I love it!) and something that I can’t explain other than a vision (a consistent involuntary “picture” that pops into my head randomly) of a woman with dark brown hair (maybe curly?) and olive skin and a gorgeous enlightening smile. she’s always looking over her left should and using her left arm to reach towards me and wears some type of red scarf loosely over her head/ hair. we’re somewhere warm but the air is fresh and there’s sand all around us but no sign of water.

I somehow know that she did not come from me, but I am her mother.

I already have some sort of emotional attachment to this mental image, and I wish I could take her hand or paint her.

Once on social media, I saw a post out of nowhere about a goddess named Rhea. It resonated with me, and now I am here. 

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