Polytheism and gods from other religions

I am requesting advice and insight on this topic for personal and intellectual reasons.

Gods and other beings come in theological and religious contexts, and sometimes they exist in more than one.  It took (and is still taking) a long time for me to relate to the spiritual figures I grew up with in a different context than the current majority, but there is precedent for it, and so here I am.

I’m interested in polytheist takes on worshipping or otherwise relating to gods or other spiritual figures from pantheons that come from a different theological and religious context than your primary religion(s).

As I’ve said before, despite my many uncertainties about precise details, I do think there is a “something more” to gods and other entities.  But they’re rather fluid at times, at least in our understanding of them.

Sometimes they exist in multiple theological contexts.  Jesus certainly has and does. They evolve.  They merge with other gods at times.

So I can see how a person of religion X may approach a God from a very different religion Y if called for.

I have from time to time in the past called on a couple different bhodisattvas.  They are not primary spiritual figures for me, and though I am influenced by Buddhism in some ways, I have no intentions of converting to Buddhism.

From time to time there are various figures like this I feel a pull toward for various reasons and needs personal to myself.  But I often fear I will disrespect them if I am not careful: I inhabit a theological context that is different in many ways from traditional Buddhism.

It was hard enough to relate to familiar Powers in a new context, but familiar Powers and precedents made that doable psychologically.

I do not exactly have goals of enlightenment or liberation from samsara in the same sense as some Buddhists.  Then again, Secular Buddhists don’t either, though they tend not to pray to bhodisattvas overall.

I have had blocks with Hellenic deities for various reasons, too, and tend to merely meditate on them at this time.

The bhodisattvas as portrayed exist in a certain context.  I can learn the traditional manners of approaching them, but if I wish to call on some of them more extensively than I have, I wonder what to do with their context since parts of it are not part of my mentality or practice.

If you have a primary pantheon, and if you have been drawn to a select God or two from another pantheon and religion with very different views and contexts than your own, how do you go about approaching those particular Powers?

I hope I’m getting my question across clearly.

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