Poetry, Mythos, and the Hellenic Gods

I’m curious what others’ opinions are about this topic.

Also, trigger warning: ;discussion of rape, sexual assault, and kidnapping in regards to the Greek mythos.

I’m in a Hellenismos subreddit, and their discord server – recently, I noticed that someone posted in the Discord about how certain webtoons and poetry were incorrectly portraying the Greek gods – for example, Lore Olympus gets negative comments given the original myths of Persephone and Hades (For those that don’t know, originally, Hades abducts Persephone and she stays with him mainly because she ate the seeds of the Pomegranate, a fruit of the underworld – this explains why we have the seasons) versus what is shown in the webtoon (more of a love story, and more of fledgling woman who is in love with Hades, and is raped by Apollo). In addition, I’ve seen other comments put forth about how we must stay with the original mythos and not use contemporary (modern day) poetry because that literature was written with a Judeo-Christian viewpoint and not a Hellenic one.

So I’m wondering how, as a community – which I include recon Hellenistics to Hellenismos Remixed (aka modern Hellenismos), and to a degree, pagans who work within the Hellenismos framework – how do we evolve? Can the myths be rewritten, readapted, written in new ways? Or is there value in keeping them as they are, and learning from them what the Ancient Greeks wanted us to learn?

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