Phobias and Paganism

Hi everyone,
After my trip I thought I’d stop by and start a Topic over something I was thinking about while I was gone.
I chose to put this in the Beginners Section, simply because I think many Beginners would also benefit from this. If it fits in somewhere better though, feel free to move it around.

So I was wondering about phobias, well fears, that you can’t seem to shut off in general, or ignore. Especially the ones that interfere with one’s path or craft. The things holding one back from doing things that they would really like to do. So for instance someone would want to go up high, maybe in the mountains or on a tower or whatever to really feel the air up there and is afraid of heights. Or someone would like to get more into plants/herbalism/gardening and such things but has an insect phobia they can’t get a hold on. I’m thinking there are millions of examples to name, but I think you guys get what I mean.

So what I want to know, from some fellow pagans, is how do you cope with your personal fears when they get in the way of your craft? And by all means this doesn’t have to be “I do this or that spell” or anything “witchy” for that matter, if your answer is “I would see a therapist”, then by all means that’s cool too. Just wondering about coping methods that have worked well for you.

Thanks for taking a moment to read my babbling, can’t wait to hear about your ideas and stories.

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