Phobia recovery?

I’m not totally sure where this should go, but here makes most sense because even though the initial impetus is spiritual, the steps taken will have to be at least partly mundane.  As per a brief mention in the Discord Divination channel, I seem to be being asked to overcome a phobia, specifically of worms and worm-like bugs.

Aside from “my god said so”, I do have some positive motivation to do this because I have always wanted to have a small kitchen garden, and a major inhibitor of this has been “See crawly thing, drop everything and run away”.  I’m actually finding myself starting to tear up just writing this even though I know it’s a totally ridiculous fear.

I think I should probably start with earthworms as being slightly more tolerable and easily rationalized as highly beneficial critters ( I mean, I guess others have their place in the ecosystem, but it’s a lot harder to perceive the benefits).

Does anyone have any helpful advice/resources/supportive thoughts?

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