Philosophy and Theology Recommendations

To put it bluntly, I’ve lost most of my interest in books about ceremony and ritual. There are so many of them and many of those are particularly 101 books. Unless it’s related to a path I have literally never heard of before I’m pretty much not interested anymore, especially if it’s a tradition in question that speaks at length about the “Lord and Lady”. I do not hate Wicca or similar traditions, It’s gotten to the point where I feel as if I’ve seen it all before where Wicca is concerned. These days I seek things more akin to the Witch’s Book of Silence which is more about philosophy than practice. That’s what I’m looking for, books about philosophy and theology and I don’t mean a survey of what these things look like in modern Pagan and Occult traditions. I’m seeking treatises that go in deep on these subjects. It’s a constant source of frustration that when I ask for book recommendations for more “advanced” practitioners they always come back with books that focus on ceremony and technique which to me, is really mostly beginner stuff. So does anyone have any recommendations?

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