Phases of re-opening

I was wondering how everyone is doing with the different phases of re-opening the economy in their towns/cities…

Here in Guelph we are in phase 2, so most places have re-opened in of course a different way.

Before Covid19 hit I had minimal hearing loss, but no biggie, I could sign, talk and speech read a bit.  Then I took one crazy fall up at the barn, and literally flew into the side of a metal stall… ok, you can sign or yell at me, either works (I’m a forever silver-lining gal).

Thanks to phase 2, I was able to see an audiologist 2 weeks ago and was able to get hearing aids, with an app so I can control them with my cell phone… woohoo, I  isn’t technology awesome!!

They’ve made it mandatory for us to wear masks at any business we visit.  I eventually found masks at a Giant Tiger store that have very thin elastic straps.  This was really exciting for me because when I put on a mask with regular straps, it would mess with the volumes on my hearing aids… never a dull moment LOL!

My hubby decided to wear a western bandana, which makes him look like an 1800s bank robber  ::)

What are things like for you in your area??

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