Pets and your religious practice

Do you actively involve your pets living or deceased in your spiritual practices?  Or do you notice them interacting with your spirituality in any way?

I don’t actively involve my living pet in ritual, though I do keep deceased pets in my prayers and memories just like I do my loved ones who have departed.  It’s my way of remembering, honoring, and continuing to care for them.

I do notice my cat interacting with the rituals I do, though.  Pets learn our ways and habits.  For example, tonight while I was reciting my prayers I noticed him giving me the sweet eyes across the room.

Other times he sees me grab a prayer book, and he comes and snuggles up with me and occasionally looks up at me while I pray aloud.  He may think I’m talking to him.  I’ve noticed that he seems to have learned to stay off the table when I’m doing more active rituals as well.  Mostly what I’ve noticed is that when I pray aloud it seems to be very soothing and relaxing for him as it is for me.

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