Perhaps a Strange Question About Pantheons

A depiction of Norse gods assembled as in the ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bear with me for a bit… I feel a little background is required.

When I first started looking at Wicca and started my own eclectic solitary practice, I felt very drawn to the norse goddess Freyja. I decided to bring in Odin as my God and Freyja as my Goddess, and I definitely felt a strong pull from her in a way that I’ve never felt to a spiritual being. For personal reasons I had to put my practice on hold for about two years, but am now able to get back into the swing of things.

I still feel a pull from Freyja, like she’s actively encouraging me to be her follower. But I know that Wicca is not a path for me and I’ve looked into some of the heathen practices and those don’t really fit me either. I’ve considered simply building my own way of working with her, but I’m fairly certain that any heathen would be appalled (and certainly would take offense at calling myself a heathen). Also, while my ancestors were German, I do not have a strong connection to their past or traditions.

To complicate matters, I do trance work and have met several spirits that also claim to be gods, but have names I can’t find any reference to. I’ve stopped my trance work as they’ve added a great deal of confusion to my spiritual search. Could they be new? Is that even possible? My theory right now is that they are old gods that are simply choosing new names so as to not weigh me down with concerns about how they were previously thought of and worshiped.

So I guess these are my questions for you:

1) Is it possible to encounter an entirely “new” pantheon and build a practice of worship and devotion around these gods?

2) If you do worship a “new” pantheon, would you still be considered a pagan (presuming the practice included a reverence for the earth and some form of a yearly cyclical pattern like the Wheel of the Year)?

3) If you DO end up worshiping a “new” pantheon, will anyone in the pagan community actually take me seriously as a true spiritual person worshiping real gods?

4) Can you be a pagan and worship two or three gods from a “known” pantheon but in a way that goes against everything people have understood them as?