Peculiarities when you use Tarot/Oracle Cards

I have really, really gotten into Tarot the past couple of days. I’m using my Hanson-Roberts deck, which my parents gave me (best stocking stuffer EVER!). Even within just this past couple of days, I’ve noticed my reading seems to be forming a “style.” And I am gaining more personal interpretations of some things. So I’d like to hear about similar experiences from others.

Since all my divination is a conscious effort to ask the counsel or opinion of either Sarasvati (using oracle cards, tarot, or a pendulum) or Loki (runes), I think I’m having to work out some kinks in using them. Like, I’ll draw a card and immediately get a strong nudge that “No, put it back. That’s the wrong one.” This morning, Sarasvati INSISTED that the last card in the spread was The High Priestess. So I often end up shuffling cards back in and redrawing, as odd as that seems.

Certain cards have also formed definite meanings in my head. The High Priestess trump is a very positive card for me. It is an auspicious omen, and also a symbol of my ideals and values. When Sarasvati demanded that it be placed as the last card in the spread – the outcome – I knew that was an excellent sign. The Star trump is a symbol of Sarasvati’s influence in my life. It keeps showing up in spreads indicating a source of support and guidance. Finally, my significator is the Page of Cups; it works better than using the traditional correspondence, which would be either the Queen of Wands or the Queen of Pentacles.

So…this is just what is forming in my practice. I’d love to hear from others.