Patron deities?

I stumbled upon a conversation being had between two employees at a metaphysical shop I go to for my crystals and herbs. One of them had only been Wiccan for a few months and was saying she’d chosen a patron deity. The other employee, whom I know from talking to her was raised pagan, said she’d never chosen a patron. She said she’d never really felt a pull to as specific God or Goddess more than any other. I didn’t see anything wrong with that, but the other girl seemed totally flabbergasted and told the other girl that she wasn’t trying hard enough, or taking her practice seriously. Which I found fairly offensive and rude considering I’ve been practicing since I was 15 (I’m 23) and have yet to find a patron deity.

My question is: Is that bad? Should I have a patron deity by now or is it not something that everybody does? I use a ton of different deities in my work, and have altars for several of them. Should I only have an altar for one? Am I offending them by having multiple… I’m worried now :-

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