Passed friend speaking to me in dream

I had a very intensely rough night sleeping last night. My mother passed from a fast but furious battle with cancer, and I had multiple nightmares involving her cancer. However, I also had one dream that was not a nightmare.

A friend of mine from the old MySpace chatrooms passed away a few months ago. I’d always wanted to meet her in person, but never got the chance. Years ago, she had spoken to me about witchcraft, though that wasn’t the word she used (this was in the mid-2000s). I felt something then, when she talked to me about it, but my boyfriend at the time forbid me from it, told me she was pulling me into something dark, and forbid me from speaking to her. I finally rid myself of him, but never approached her about it again, now to my deep regret.

Last night, she came to me in a dream. It was more like a lucid dream than a normal dream. We were in a forest, and she was in a human form, but a glowing light blue all over. I was flying in a circle around her as she spoke to me. She was instructing me on something, but for the life of me, I don’t know what. I fought to stay in the dream once I realized I was lucid – I usually wake up when I become aware of my lucidity – but she managed to say a few more things before I woke. It’s bothered me all day that I can’t remember more specifics.

One caveat is that I have struggled with alcohol dependency lately, and last night was the first sober night I’d had in a while. I’m wondering if that was why she has only reached me now. I have had half a glass of wine tonight, as I’m terrified of having the nightmares about my mom again, but I know I need to rid myself of this dependency regardless. I’m planning to keep it to half a glass for the rest of the work week (I can’t afford to go in as tired as I was today the rest of the week) and use the weekend to start breaking the habit.

Beyond quitting the alcohol, is there anything I can do to remember what she was telling me to do?

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