Pandemic Paganism

How has the global coronavirus pandemic affected your paganism, if at all? If you do group work, have you been able to continue? Have you adapted these or any other practices in light of COVID-19?

A few observations in my experience, from the silly to the sublime:

–Until she resigned a few weeks ago, a Latina served as NYC’s health commissioner and thus was on our TV screens here on a daily basis. Her name? Oxiris Barbot.

Despite a passing familiarity with Latin American culture, I had never heard that name before. I’m assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that it’s derived from the Egyptian god Osiris–which I find incredibly cool.

–NY’s annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade has been canceled for this year, it was announced yesterday. No big surprise–it joins a long list of large-crowd traditional events canceled since March–but this one has a spiritual dimension for me. Dressing up and taking on a persona of the “other” for the night, and mingling with hordes of adults doing the same, has been a beloved part of my pagan year. What do I do now?–dress up at home by myself? (Suggestions are welcome!)

Less specific is the general sense of a lost summer; so many of the signposts of passing season (the Gay Pride Parade, big 4th of July celebrations, etc.) were eradicated or scaled back. It left me feeling less aware and less engaged with the passage of time.

–Working from home indefinitely means I’ve spent many hours in my garden when otherwise I would have been behind a desk in an office, and for a nature-based pagan like me, that’s a huge boon. The chance to see life thriving around me and a sky above me did wonders to lift my thoughts out of pandemic gloom. And despite an apparent crash in the butterfly population here, I’ve still seen way more butterflies this summer than any summer before, simply due to the amount of time I’ve had to keep an eye out for them!

So what has your pagan pandemic experience been like?

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