Paganism with No Deities?

Various neopagan religious symbols (from left ...

Various Neopagan religious symbols  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am new to the board and looking for guidance! Let me give you a little backstory, I grew up Christian, then became confused, then learned about and “practiced” Wicca for about a year as a teenager, and since then have been identifying as atheist. I have always felt a strong connection with nature, am my happiest enjoying the beach, a hike in the woods, a drive through the country to explore new lands, etc. Of course I know this doesn’t automatically mean I should be a Pagan, however I also feel that spirituality is important, and since my year as a Wiccan have always been curious and longing for a Pagan path.

My question then, is which of the Pagan branches don’t believe in any deities? I am comfortable in the thought that “she is everywhere”, that nature IS the divine, but not that there is a specific God(s) or Goddess(es) to which I should worship. I’d like to connect myself with nature and follow a spiritual path, but don’t particularly believe in a greater Being. I’ve been trying to research this topic but I can’t seem to find any one place to really break this question down for me by each branch of Paganism. I’d love some guidance. Thank you!

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