Pagan/Goddess/Magic Schools? Or Peer Mentorship Groups?


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I am kind of looking for some mentorship on my spiritual path; something where I could weekly or every other week check in, create reading and to do lists and give and receive feedback.

I do NOT want to become a priestess or a high priestess or a shaman or an anything at this time and I feel uncomfortable with the design of a lot of schools, they seem to be assuming the goal is to become a priestess or to not study at all. Obviously I could simply be missing schools or mentorship opportunities that I simply haven’t seen!

Does anyone know of any teaching or mentorship space that operate simply for the sake of furthering and supporting people with their spiritual path rather than assuming the goal of any student is to become a for hire witch/priestess etc?

I also am not interested in secret teachings or teachings that I’m not allowed to share for free, because I feel that I am called to help those in need when I am able and it’s a good cause and I have a hard time charging for spirit/energy work. (Trust me I have thought it trough and see a lot of different ways of looking at it, including the ways that “women’s work” of emotional and energetic labor is often devalued and refused payment and this is problematic etc)… all the same I have lived because of the charity of others and I know I needed it and there are others out there in need through no fault of their own. Whether it’s money or love or energetic support, I like to help when I can.

I have also sort of imagined maybe a peer check in group, where people weekly or monthly check in with their spiritual growth and goals and learning experiences and instead of money, the peer support itself is the exchange.

Has anyone seen things like this out there on the nets? I would be fine with paying for the mentorship, (just not with charging others for sharing any benefits I get from my own spiritual growth.) just haven’t really seen any groups advertising this service outside of a priestess type learning program.

I guess to me, if someone shares teaching and support that helps m grow and strengthens my healing powers, that becomes part of what I will have to offer charitably, and I know some places are very protective of letting their teachings go toward charitable causes (which I respect, it’s just not for me.)

I lean mother goddess/social justice/compassion/and probably a little jainist/hindu (in terms of value toward each life form) but a bit heathen in respect for my ancestors and the spirits who may have shaped and supported my ancestors and myself existing. I’d like to go through ayurvedic and Chinese medicine health recommendations and build in European history/herbs etc into the healing model since the thousands of years of techniques were build by and for people in those specific cultures and Ayurveda is designed to discuss the practice of doing what ones ancestors did for healing and connection.

I guess I know what it is I want to be working on, but I’m hoping to find some real life people for support and nudging- especially since I feel I’ve been nudged by my spirit guides (or inner wisdom whichever) that I need to be talking to more real life people about all this or I will get weird and detached from humanity. I live way to far in the spirit realm than is good for my human body/self sometimes! Plus I feel getting too far lost in the realm of UPG can get unhealthy without checking in, learning from others, and admitting frequently and regularly that it’s a very subjective realm in which determining if any other beings than yourself are involved at all is never all that certain. I always come back to agnosticism and uncertainty because I think it’s the most respectful position even if other beings ARE involved- how do I know what messages they are ACTUALLY trying to say vs what I am making up in the equation? Plus I think a great source of strength, health and wisdom is in connecting with others and love is exponentially more powerful when shared and received. (Like if you hug yourself, you don’t get as much health benefit as sharing hugs with others, or kangaroo care will do for a baby vs being left alone to use “self love” to nurture themselves).

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