Pagan or Agnostic?

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have referred to myself lately as a pagan, but in my search for others (or even text) that I can familiarise with my beliefs I came across agnosticism. So I began so wonder am I pagan or agnostic.

I beliefs are as such. I worship the Earth, Sun and Moon and my goddesses but I also see all the planets and stars as deities. I do not pray to them or ask them of anything but I respect their existence. I Only pray to the Earth, Sun and Moon and it is only with them I will do such things. I do not associate them with any other types of earth or sun gods (ra, horus, gaia, etc). To me they are the Sun who created the earth, Mother Earth who created me and the moon who creates a link between the sun and I when the sun is elsewhere. I could go into loads more detail but I think this should suffice for some help from you all.

In your eyes am I a pagan or agnostic?