Pagan, Christian and Buddhist Equivalents

Papst Johannes XXIII.-Kapelle 2007
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I can’t sleep, I begin a very, very silly little pastime. I have observed, that some socio-cultural ‘patterns’ repeat themselves in several distinct religions, which I find humourous. Please fill in your own free associations in this regard if you find it fun to do.

Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans is for Paganism
what the Roman Catholic Church is for Christianity
and Chan for Buddhism.

Hard Polytheism is for Paganism
what Conservative Presbyterianism is for Christianity
and Theravada for Buddhism.

Eclectic Wicca is for Paganism
what Lutheranism is for Christianity
and Pure Land for Buddhism.

Platonism is for Paganism
what Anglicanism is for Christianity
and Tendai for Buddhism.

RDNA is for Paganism
what Liberal Quakers is for Christianity
and Modern Western Zen for Buddhism.

Persons who believe that Atlantis and Lemuria are geological facts
and that Wicca is a surviving religion from a Paleolithic matriarchy
are for Paganism
what Creationists are for Christianity
and those who believe that loka means ‘physical planet’ for Buddhism.

Thelema is for Paganism
what Evangelicalism is for Christianity
and Nichiren for Buddhism.

Golden Dawn is for Paganism
what SSPX is for Christianity
and Shingon for Buddhism.

Feraferia is for Paganism
what Eastern Orthodoxy is for Christianity
and Tibetan Buddhism for Buddhism.

The 19th century Druid Revival is for Paganism
what Methodism is for Christianity
and The Buddhist Society (London) for Buddhism.

Those who receive UPG, and tell everone they meet about it on a regular basis,
are for Paganism
what Charismatics are for Christianity
and those who receive visions of Guanyin or Tara, and tell everyone they meet about it on a regular basis, for Buddhism.