Pagan Beliefs in the Netherlands

English: This is a map of the modern Germanani...
This is a map of the modern Germananic peoples of Europe.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a starting point for sorting out thoughts on deity, ritual, and personal associations, I’m trying to trace back at least a little bit of ancestral stuff. Most of my family is Dutch (albeit, at this point, very thoroughly Americanized – depending on the branch you go by, I’m somewhere between fourth and sixth-generation American), so…trying to figure out stuff there. Three questions.

1) From my (fragmentary) research, it seems that Dutch culture and history are rather Germanic; are there major sorts of differences I should be aware of, especially with regards to worship/ritual constructions?

2) My historical timelining is similarly spotty, but if I’ve got the dates even remotely right, it seems like the formation of the Netherlands as a political entity came after the widespread dissemination of Christianity through Europe. How much, if anything, was left of the local spiritual beliefs at that time?

3) I’m getting a bit of a nudge about specific deities, land and sea, in a bit of an ongoing…wrestling match? Neighbors (perhaps brothers?) squabbling over the property line, things of that nature. Does this correspond to a known set of deities, or am I wandering in UPG-land here?