Our Lady of the Hens?

So I stumbled across an article on Stregheria which led me to several interesting websites on the topic. Although, I’m just as confused about it as when I started a name really stuck out to me; Madonna delle Galline.

I googled the term and apparently it means Our Lady of the Hens. So I dig a bit more digging and I found a possible origin for this figure was the uncovering of a statue by chickens pecking at the ground. But some people have hinted at a link between Madonna delle Galline and the story of Demeter and Persephone.

According to one site, Demeter takes the form of a generous older woman and Persephone takes the form of the hen being nourished by the grain given to her. Another one points out that the statue was unearthed in the springtime and thus reflects Persephone’s ascent from the Underworld.

I’m utterly fascinated and can’t help but wonder if there’s possibly some deity associated with chickens whose iconography has been adapted over time.

Ooh upon further research I’ve come across the Kurinyi Bog and Hühnergött, both meaning ‘chicken god’. Their lore seems to be tied to hag stones, but I have no idea why.

I’m totally intrigued and wonder if anyone has come across this figure before or perhaps has some knowledge of obscure poultry deities. XD

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