Origins Of Magick In Wicca

So I am not a Wiccan but I have cast circles and done occasional solitary rituals for many years on and off. It has often worked for me in the past, and I seem to have an instinctive feel for it. I might need more information about such practices. I am not Wiccan, but I am influenced by Wicca. I am trying to learn more. My understanding is that this type of Magick done by Wiccans is a sort of simplified and rebuilt version of some aspects of older Ceremonial Magick. Is this an accurate belief, or am I wrong about that? What are the origins of Wiccan ritual and spellcasting?

Since I was wondering if this idea is correct, I did a quick google search on the origins of Magick in Wicca. I got no clear and immediate results. So I thought I would ask here on the Cauldron since there is built in expertise here that I do not have. My question is- What is the nature and origin of Magick in Wicca? Also, what is a good basic book on Magick? I imagine this might be a big topic to get into, but any help or information would be appreciated.

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