Organising your practice

Any advice? I’m really struggling. (I’ve got ADHD)

  • I’m struggling to keep up deity work across a whole pantheon. I don’t get messages from the divine, not clearly, so I can’t focus on just one or two which are calling me (if they are, I can’t hear them), and it’s a novel pantheon so I dont have the comfort that probably someone else has the other gods covered
  • I’m struggling with time, as in, I’ve tried organising “I’ll revere this spirit at Beltane, that one at Yule” – but come Beltane I forget, or am busy, or distracted, there’s always a reason why ritual doesn’t happen
  • I’m struggling with note-keeping. I keep repeating the same basic tasks over and over. Like, it’s Beltane and I know what spirit I’m supposed to be working with, but???? Even though I know I’ve done the work of identifying songs and words and acts before. So I start again. Leading to contradictory versions
  • I’m struggling with the role of the digital world. Because of problems 1-3, I’ve started trying to create a “master notebook” on the computer with playlists and so forth. But then I spend hours a day online, which is incompatible with my path, and it means I don’t have things in a nice book I can take for a walk. I was budgeting for a tablet, but we had to use it elsewhere instead

Any advice, or descriptions of how you organise things, much appreciated. I just feel so overwhelmed.

Some kind of…you’ve got a fixed ritual, on fixed days, which you can just use without difficulty…which has eluded me as long as I’ve been a Pagan.

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