Organ Donation and Druidism

Symbol of Druidism, golden version.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is my issue that I am having about organ donation.

On my more personal side I just do not like the thought of my organs being removed. Part of the reason is because frankly I just would feel bad if because of this or that my body couldn’t be used, yes I know I’m dead and shouldn’t care, but it is something I care about now. The other part is that I just want to be whole when I decompose[or be cremated, which is another issue all on its own].

On the flip side I do feel somewhat selfish/guilty over my decision and I have no way to justify it except because of that I start to feel ill when I think of my body being separated. Yet on the other side I get almost just as ill thinking about the waste not using my body can do. So this is where I need a little help, as I am trying to get back into druidism I just want a little guidance to either say which side of the coin or which of Gods/Goddesses/spirits I should ask to get their advice on.

The only argument that makes “logical” sense towards that I should go through with organ donation is that I can use my body to help nature in terms of helping my local man, but part of the issue is I would feel horrible if the person I save hurts or destroys nature in some way shape or form. The only way were I kind of figured a workaround all of these where I feel okay on both fronts is that I could donate my body to a body farm [aka anthropological/criminology studies on how a body decomposes] which does allows me to further nature both in my fellow man and nature especially if I do their trauma program which could help in saving soldiers/police/high risk occupation lives.

I just don’t know and don’t know where to ask.

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