One Among Many

One Among Many

Alone I’ve walked

Alone I’ve fought

Alone I’ve sought
To fulfill the impossible

Is it really so
Can it really not be done?
These things I’ve dreamed of


I refuse to stop dreaming
The futures keep on screaming
Showing me the doors
To places
I cant stop seeing

Imagined places
But real
In another time

Imagined faces
But real
Within my mind

Every time I close my eyes
I can see your face

A demon
An angel
A goddess
A queen

Six wings

Two swords
One of An
And one of Ki

What an epic journey

With every setting sun
I am born again
More then I was
A future fulfilled
Among infinity

Like a vast expanse of stars
Beyond what even you or I can see

What order of doors
What combination of choices
What manner of thoughts

Will forge my destiny

My will
And the will of my gods
Is everything

That is all I need

I was never alone
You were always with me

Thank you goddess

I abandoned my humanity
Now I redefine reality

I am free

There is no stopping me

We will walk
And fight
And seek

And we will fulfill

The path ahead
The only path
Yet one
Among many

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